Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lost and Found

We lost our kitty Bella, one day after we let her outside. She normally comes back or stays close around the yard, but for some reason, she got too adventurous this day. We searched for her day and night for 8 long days. We sent out over a hundred fliers, went door-to-door to community  members, posted information on craigslist, and called local vet clinics and the humane society. We also hung several neon posters throughout the town offering a generous reward as well as bought a live trap to try to lure her in with treats and food.

The smile on Jacob's face is there because this was taken after we found Bella. Despite what some of you may think, Jacob loves this cat more than anyone and would be absolutely heartbroken of something happened to her.

After 8 long days, Jacob received a phone call with a potential lead. He was tempted to dismiss it, because we had gotten several false leads up to this point. However, it turned out that a girl just 5 houses down from us, saw Bella come out of a swampy area behind her house. She remembered her name from the flier and called out to her. It turns out it was, in fact, her! When I came home later that night, Jacob was standing there with Bella safe and sound in his arms! She was SO skinny and malnourished,...but alive! We were both relieved and thrilled.

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  1. Oh, haha! I was like, "Why is he smiling?" So glad she came home to you and was well with the exception of a tummy in need of food. Poor Bella. Hope she never pulls a stunt like that again!