About Us

Jacob and I met when we were young. Puppy love, so to say. He moved into my church ward when I was 13 and we got to know each other through young women and men's activities. I quickly developed a crush on him, although we didn't "officially" date until after he returned from his mission. I was just into my first semester at BYU-Idaho when he came home. Coincidentally, although Jacob vowed to never attend an LDS college, he ended up at BYU-Idaho. I like to think it was partly because of me, although he did have a friend from his mission that lived in Rexburg as well. We began dating and quickly fell in love. We were married Dec 27, 2006 in the Salt Lake City Temple, which was always a dream temple of mine. We finished our education at BYU-Idaho where Jacob earned a degree in Business Management and I earned a degree in Nursing.
Everyday is an adventure for us! We love trying new things and having new experiences. Whether its surfing, ziplining, and skydiving, or simply trying new restaurants and going to sporting events, there's rarely a dull moment and we hope to keep it that way for the next 50 years!