Our Happily Ever After

Jacob and I were married on December 27, 2006 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. It was a cold, snowy December afternoon, but we were too excited to care! We had so many family members and friends come to support us, even though it was at least a 3 and a half hour drive for almost everyone. Some of Jacob's extended family drove even further. We felt so blessed and loved to have them there.

Coming out of the temple

Our wonderful family and friends

My best friend Niki and her parents,
Annette and Murle 

Jacob and his cousin Ellie

It was so cold and wet that day, that we couldn't
take pictures outside. So we decided to take pictures
inside the Joseph Smith History building next to the temple.

Jacob twirling me, like he always does. 

I thought this picture was fun showing
my dad as our photographer. I feel
so blessed to have such a talented
and creative father.

The veil

The dress

The kiss

I love the "behind the scenes" photos
because I feel like they tell a story
of their own.

Headed down the stairs in the JSH building to take more pictures

Mom, Anne, Me

My wonderful and loving family.
Don't know what I would do without them. 

Friends that came to the wedding
From the left: Chris, Ryan, and Retha

Cute little Jayden, upset about something


Anne and Jade

The mothers

The parents

The friends

One of my favorites!

Every bride needs a dress fixer

The JSH building and temple square are unbelievably gorgeous around Christmas. You'll never see so many Christmas lights. The night before the wedding we got to walk around temple square and just enjoy its beauty. We didn't take any pictures that night, but here are a couple of pictures of Temple Square that I found online.

The Reception

Instead of having people sign a guest book for our wedding,
we had them sign the mat of the engagement photo that my dad took.
It now hangs in our house, and it's fun to look at it every so often and read
what people wrote.

My bouquet

Table decor

We had our reception at the White House in Twin Falls.
I loved the three-tiered cake with the Christmas wreathes in between.

Every good reception has food!

Getting ready for the reception in the bridal room

Finishing up my hair

Getting into the dress

Coming down for the reception

The rings

If you're thinking to yourself,...they look they're 12. We pretty much were.
I was 19 and Jacob was 22 when we tied the knot!

Me and my mom
Anne and my mom

Mom and dad

Scott and Nyla

Jacob and his mother

My Grandma Andreason

Love my sister and the wonderful person that she is



Jay and Claudia Mickelsen (Jacob's grandparents)

Jacob and Ben

Jacob and Jay

Jacob and Scott

Jayden looked so adroable in his suit!

Jacob's family
From the left: Kurtis, Caleb, Jolene, Hannah,
me, Jacob, Nyla, Jayden, Scott, Ben
Nyla's parents and brothers

Jacob's grandpa Hall

Jacob's extended family

Claudia Mickelsen

Kaylie and I trying to figure out how to play the music we wanted.
We wanted to have a dance after the wedding, but greeting our guests took over 2 hours.
 So, Jacob and I just danced after it was all over, with only a few people around. We still had fun.

Opening up wedding gifts after the reception
We received so many generous and amazing gifts from people.

Car decorating, courtesty of Jacob's cousins

 After the wedding reception, we headed off to our honeymoon. Being the poor college students that we were, we honeymooned in Bend, Oregon. We rented a house, went ice-skating, shopping, ate at fun restaurants, and got to have a romantic and fun stay that still had the lingering feeling of the Holidays. It was wonderful!