Friday, December 14, 2012

Pinterest Club

I decided to start a Pinterest Club with some of my friends. I thought it would be a fun way to have girl time, while also getting to craft and eat food. I hosted the first one at my house. We made decorative Christmas trees out of poster board and various supplies such as wrapping paper, doilies, feathers, ribbon, etc. We had such a fun time and the trees turned out so cute!

From the left: Leah, Mary Kay, Allyson, Deb, and Kara
These are the trees I made to give the women some ideas on where to start.
Kara's trees 

Mary Kay's trees. She officially named the feather one her "Robin Tree," 
since I help her wrestle, fight, and glue the feathers onto it. It was 
much messier than one would think it would be!
Deb's Trees. Love the silver and white.
As the hostess, I of course had to make party favors for my guests! I found this 
cute idea for candy sleighs on Pinterest and put my own spin on it with various 
wrapping paper and ribbon. The little packages are just fun-sized candy bars. 
Later, I added sparkly white snowflake tags to each one, with the womens' 
names on them. Love little things like this!I say, "it's all about the details."

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