Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Trip

We wanted to catch the last little bit of summer, so we took a road trip to Michigan and Wisconsin with our friends Cameron and Kara Haines. Our first stop was at the Boise State/Michigan State football game in Lansing.

Since Jacob managed to get us seats in the Michigan alumni section, we were consequently the only blue and orange fans in our crowd. There were other BSU fans in other sections though.  I was actually surprised by the number of fans that came to support Boise.

Game day nail decals
Go Broncos!
Twizzler fun on the way up

Small town we passed through
 The first town we stayed in was called New Holland. It was a quaint Dutch-like town with fun shops and restaurants.
I loved these chocolate clogs I saw in a candy store window
Kid in a candy store

Fun pizza place in down-town New Holland

Crazy Horse Restaurant
Hotel in Michigan
Being weird...
We went to Wisconsin Dells on our way home and spent a day at Noah's Ark water park. We had so much fun together enjoying the last of the warm weather!

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  1. Love you guys standing on your head! How fun! Your beautiful nail art totally reminded me of when you would spray non-stick spray to make your nail polish dry faster. I though you were so silly! I read about that the other day (someone posted it as a trick on instagram or something) and wondered if you had read about it or just thought of it on your own.