Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lobsta Tail

Jacob recently took me to a really nice restaurant called Jaxcafe. He knows I'm a sucker for dining out. We ordered a meal called Jax 78th Annivesary Special for Two. The meal was called 78 for two reasons. It was the 78th anniversary of the restaurant and cost $78. But not to worry, Jacob of course, found a great discount deal online. The meal included crab rolls, bread, house salads, a whole Maine lobster, sirloin steaks, sweet potatoe fries, and an alcoholic drink (which we substituted for a piece of chocolate cake).

We were both a little unexperienced with eating lobster. We had to ask the server for advice.
It was a little hard to eat dinner with this guy staring us in the face all night.
Lobster love....
This restaurant had it all.: great service, a nice atmosphere, delicious food, and matchsticks customized with your name!

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