Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carver County Fair

This year Jacob and I skipped the Minnesota State Fair in lieu of our county fair. I think we spent less than 2 hours there which was about 1 hour too much. We did however, get to see a fun canine show, eat fair food, and look at the animals.
I loved holding the little kittens! The poor little things were so exhausted from all the children scrambling to hold them. This little one fell asleep in my hands in a matter of seconds. I held him for a little while to let him get some shut-eye. I wanted to take him home in my purse so badly, but Jacob said no!
Jacob and a llama
Jacob and another llama. Jacob wanted a picture by both a black and white one to prove he wasn't partial to any one race of llama.

Here are some fun llama facts:
-The llama is a South American relative of the camel,
although the llama does not have a hump.
-These sturdy creatures are domestic animals that have been
used for centuries by the peoples of the Andes Mountains.
-Typically, they are saddled with loads of 50 to 75 pounds.
Under such weight they can cover up to 20 miles in a single day.
-Pack trains of llamas, which can include several hundred animals,
move large amounts of goods over even the very rough terrain of the Andes.
-Llamas are very social animals and live with other llamas as a herd.
-The wool produced by a llama is very soft and lanolin-free.
-Llamas are intelligent and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions
-Llamas are willing pack animals but only to a point. An overloaded llama
will simply refuse to move. These animals often lie down on the ground and
they may spit, hiss, or even kick at their owners until their
 burden is lessened. (I wish I could do this when I feel overloaded at work)

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