Saturday, March 14, 2015

Florida Trip

We recently took a trip to Florida for Jacob's work with Signature Appraisals. During his time off, we were able to enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and all the beautiful things Florida has to offer. We had an amazing time visiting Zoological Wildlife Foundation, where we were able to have actual wildlife encounters holding and feeding the animals. We also went to Marathon in the Florida Keys and went snorkeling. It was there that we saw the most beautiful sunset.


My Wildlife Encounter: Tiliger
This adorable cat was 1/4 lion and 3/4 tiger). Her mother had 3 other cubs that died, as their genetic makeup is not very conducive with life. This little one somehow survived, and I'm so glad she did. The mother was recovering from her C-section, while I got to play with her baby.

Jacob's Wildlife Encounter: Amur Leopard
Jacob was able to play with this rare leopard for his wildlife encounter. He was the first thing we saw when we drove up to the foundation and we almost died he was so cute. He was a little bit older than a newborn cub, so he was more active and playful. They were pretty strict with their rules and I wasn't able to touch the leopard since I didn't pay for this encounter, but Jacob loved every minute. How often do you get to hold a wild cat? 
This hole in the wall restaurant had the BEST cuban sandwiches!

Doesn't look like much, but you know it's good when no one in the restaurant speaks English.

The gorgeous Miami Beach

Watching the surfers catch some small waves

I <3 Florida

Snorkeling Excursion

After Snorkeling we went to eat at a Key's Fishery Restaurant in Marathon.

The birthplace of key lime pie

Marathon Sunset

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