Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's raining babies!

It seems as if everyone I know is having babies at the same time. I have already counted 12 girls at work alone who are pregnant or who have just delivered. My friend Britt recently had a baby shower that I attended and my best friend Niki just announced she was expecting. I love to craft, and I wanted to share these fun ideas for a baby/maternity gift.

Britt's Gift:
You may have seen something similar online or on Pinterest. Basically, I used onesies (long-sleeved or short) and rolled them up to make them look like cupcakes. I had some scrapbook letters that I used to decorate the box.

I also bought some cute 3-D cupcake stickers to decorate with.
This is what they look like rolled up.
To begin...
To make the cupcakes, simply fold the sleeves of the onesie in and then fold the onesie into thirds length-wise. Then, place a small baby washcloth, sock, or mitten at the bottom end near the snaps and begin rolling up. Try to keep the roll as tight as possible so that it will fit in the cupcake hole in the box. 
Once it's rolled, up you can pull the washcloth or sock out a bit so that it sticks up and resembles a cherry (red socks would work perfectly for this). Also, feel free to use various colored onesies. I just bought white because it was what Brittany had requested on her baby registry.
I also found these cute receiving blankets in the same color scheme that I placed under the box.
Lastly, everyone was asked to bring a children's book instead of a card to the shower and I just so happened to stumble upon this perfect find! I mean seriously? What are the odds. I swear sometimes giving a gift can be more exciting than receiving one!
Brittany's nursery color scheme was a sort of  monochromatic, silvery pearl. I thought this easy-to-make butterfly art would look pretty on the dresser or night table. The butterfly paper punch, scrapbook paper, and stick-on pearls that I used can be found at Michaels Craft Store.

Niki's Gift:
After my best friend Niki told me she was pregnant, I wanted to send her a fun maternity care package. I made it "Mama to Bee" themed and bought her Burt's Bee products: belly butter, moisturizing body oil, foot and leg lotion, and chapstick. I also added a dead sea spa mud mask and my favorite Toblerone chocolate, which has little bits of honey in it, so I figured it went with the bee theme. Lastly, I added a pregnancy magazine at the bottom.
I also added black and yellow themed paper and fillers to make it feel more like a gift. It also protects the products when it's being shipped.
I also found this cute ribbon at Michael's and decided to wrap each of the products in different ribbon.
Lastly, I found a bumble bee card at Target and little 3-D bee stickers to decorate the envelope.

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  1. So talented! I loved my gift so much! I am totally going to use that onsie gift idea someday!! Such a great idea. Your gift turned out so good. That book couldn't have fit more perfectly.