Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ben's Wedding

Jacob's younger brother Ben, got married this Fall. When flew back to Idaho, it ended up being perfect timing, because Jacob's sister had just delivered her baby and my best friend was in town! It was really fun seeing and spending time with our families and friends. We even got to see a lot of Jacob's extended family that were in town for the wedding. 
Jacob holding our new niece Ella, at the hospital. I love the look on his face!
"I don't know about this."
My best friend in the whole world, visiting from Vegas. 

Love these kiddos! Porter, Jayden, and Hannah.
 Jacob, Jayden, Ben
Family photo 
Sunday series with a few faces added.
Jacob was also turning 29 the following week, so I threw him an early surprise birthday party at his grandpa Mickelsen's house. I invited our family and friends and our friend Andrew (we call him Bunt) even drove down from Boise. Sadly, I somehow got caught up in the party and forgot to take pictures of Jacob and his friends. I'm an idiot,...I know. We had a lot of fun though! I even bought a horse pinata that I decorated to look like a BSU bronco and filled it with candy for the kids. I think my favorite part however, was when we played wiffle ball in Jay's huge front yard.
I wanted to have a tailgating themed party since football season was upon us
 and Jacob and Bunt are big Boise State fans. Jay and Kila were kind enough to
let me dec their house out in blue and orange for the party.

Go Broncos!

Party spread. Mostly thanks to Costco.

I just HAD to have a football-themed cake made. It wouldn't be a birthday without a fun cake!
I ordered it from The White House in Twin Falls. Her cakes are to die for and she
 obviously nailed the BSU theme.
Needless to say, as it all too often happens, I bought too much food. Luckily there was
plenty of family to take the leftovers!

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  1. Such a good wife! And so amazing at putting together parties.