Sunday, June 16, 2013

Visit to Minnesota

My parents and my niece Livi came to visit us this summer right after Kirk and PJ left. I love when they come to visit but hate that the time flies by way too fast. We did have a blast though and I loved every minute!

Little wooden Pinocchio puppet and super long pink pencil I brought Livi from our trip to Europe.
I loved watching Livi and Jacob cuddle. She gives the BEST loves!
One day, on our way to the General Store in Minnetonka, we came across this huge turtle in the road. I, of course, had to pull over and rescue it from getting run over. But my dad was the brave one that picked him up and moved him without getting his fingers snapped off. 
Two of my favorite people
Such a little diva
We met Jacob one day on his lunch break at his favorite Mexican restaurant, Lonespur. 
I started a theme of taking pictures of Livi eating all different summery foods. She loves her pickles.
We visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art which is a real gem here in Minnesota. Admittance is free and there are so many amazing artifacts and art pieces to see. 
One of my absolute favorite places, the Children's Threatre, is also right across from the institute. After visiting the Art Institute, we went and saw the play "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." The best part was hearing Olivia and all the other kids giggle during the funny parts. There's something magical about hearing little children laugh and find joy in silliness.

We went the Minneapolis Farmer's Market one morning and wandered through the isles of beautiful flowers, fresh produce, and handmade items. There was also a stand there that was selling the best sweet corn I've ever eaten. Apparently she loved it too.
We took my parents to the Cheesecake Factory. Although it's not the fanciest restaurant in the Twin Cities, it has a huge menu. So there's something for everyone. I also wanted them to try the cheesecake. Although red velvet is becoming a little overdone in the world of food, their red velvet cheesecake is to die for.

"Down by the bay....where the watermelon grows.."
We went shopping one day and Livi thought it was hilarious that the store had the same shirt she was wearing.
During their stay, my stomach flared up again and I was ill one afternoon. My mom and Livi made me this drawing. I didn't want to erase it because it was so sweet.
 As it always does, the time came for them to leave. It's always hard saying goodbye,but seeing them again gives me something to look forward to!

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