Friday, June 14, 2013

Deck the Halls

This summer we built a deck. Jacob's uncle Kirk and Kirk's son PJ, drove all the way from Colorado in one day to help us build it. Kirk owns a construction company, therefore, Jacob thought it would be a good idea to save money and build one ourselves with the help of his family. I love my husband dearly, but he sometimes underestimates the enormity and complexity of DIY projects. With that said, the Kirk and Jacob set out to build a deck in 2 days. On Saturday, we also had some friends come help us. As it turns out, they ended up finishing most of it, and that which they didn't finish was finished within the following weeks by Jacob and his friend Nolan. The deck turned out beautifully and we've already gotten good use out of it this summer.
We originally debated about whether or not go with a composite or wood deck, and had to take into consideration price, aesthetics, comfort, and maintenance. After eyeing other decks around town and getting the opinion of friends and family, we decided to go with real Cedar wood and are so glad that we did. It looks and smells amazing!

Kirk and Jacob hard at work

PJ was also hard a work building his own miniature deck in our empty garden plot with scraps of wood. 

When he wasn't busy working on his deck, we rode our bikes over to the park, ran errands, and even made a pie. I love getting kids cooking in the kitchen!

Love this picture of Kirk being a tough construction worker while holding a polka dot umbrella.

My favorite picture of the day! Jolene and her kids came up to see Kirk and PJ. The kids brought their swimsuits and a Slip 'n' Slide. Although it was rainy and cold, that didn't stop them from having fun. When they ran around the corner of the house, I had them stop for a picture. Love these little rugrats!
Caleb, Porter, and Hannah.
Jolene's Porter was also running around somewhere.

Kirk, PJ, and Jacob

Beautiful summer rainbow!

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