Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anne and Ryan's Visit

Anne and Ryan visited us during the same week over the summer . Ryan and I competed in an "Iron Chef" competition. The secret ingredient was apples and we had an appetizer, entree, and dessert round.
Ryan and I ready for the throw down
Ryan in action.
 My Menu:
Appetizer-battered onion and apple rings with a garlic aioli sauce for the onion rings
and an apple cider bacon honey vinaigrette for the apple rings.
Entree- maple and soy glazed grilled pork chop topped with an apple,onion, and bacon relish,
with a side of whipped mashed potatoes, garnished with Italian parsley.
Dessert-cinnamon apples layered between puff pastry with vanilla ice cream topped with
homemade cinnamon whipped cream.

And the winner is......Chef Hall! The competition somehow turned
into a mixture of Iron Chef and Chopped because I ended up
winning $10,000 which was fine by me! Also, I think I may have
won by default because Ryan dropped out after the entree round to
play xbox with Jacob.

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