Friday, August 10, 2012

Coldplay Concert

For my birthday Jacob took me to my first real concert to see Coldplay. It was beyond amazing! Jacob and I stood, danced, and sang the whole time. It was definitely a night I will never forget!

Every audience member got a  wrist band for the concert. During some of the songs, each of the wrist bands lit up and blinked in different colors in the darkness. It was so beautiful! It felt like you were looking at a sky full of colorful stars!
In addition to the wrist bands, there was an amazing light show, lit up globes that floated through the air and got tossed around the audience, big blown up stars and other various shapes that came out of the floor, and my personal favorite (shown below) thousands of pieces of tissue paper confetti in the shape of hearts, butterflies, and exclamation points.
The confetti came from the ceiling and stage. When you looked up, it felt like snowflakes were falling all around you!


  1. Awwww! How fun!! And what a very sweet and thoughtful husband you have! It sounds like you had an amazing time:)

  2. Love this! Sounds so amazing! Especially for your first concert experience!