Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bella Baby

We welcomed the newest member of our family in February! Bella is a 3 year old cat that was living in and out of foster care and pet stores since 2009 where she was found on the highway.  I quickly fell in love with her and knew she had to come home with me.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I have the softest spot in my heart for animals. I couldn't bare to see Bella alone in the pet store cages all lonely and sad. She was originally names "Jessie", but the thought of my cat having such a human name didn't seem to fit well. I experimented with various names, mainly Bella, Luna, Dora, and Jessie. I think the first week or so I confused her so much, she didn't know which name to answer to. Funny story. The day I brought her home from Petco and walked into the house with various cat supplies and her carrier box, Jacob wasn't too happy. I suppose he didn't think I was serious about bringing her home.  For the first couple of days he was somewhat detached from her and pretended that she was MY cat and therefore all my responsibility.

Fast foward a few weeks,... and today that cat has Jacob wrapped around her little paw. He babies her like no other. When I am disciplining or scolding her for scratching our things, Jacob just responds with "Awww, she can't help it! She doesn't know any better!" or "she's just playing!" He's even gone as far as to say 'there's only two other "women" he loves more in life.' He plays with her, feeds her, talks to her, and cuddles with her. Most nights she sleeps at the foot of our bed. One night Jacob even told me, "Robin,... don't might scare Bella away." In other words, sleep frozen in one position all night to appease our cat. It's funny to see how protective and loving he is towards her. And although it's often a crazy adventure, we absolutely love her and the joy she brings to our lives!
My two best buds catching some ZzZzs

Bella in Jacob's sock drawer

Bella's actually somewhat of a runt. Compared to other grown
cats, she's quite small. Here she is sitting inside of a game box.

Bella in our paper towel stock
Bella in some paper pom poms I made.
My friend Kara and I laugh and joke about when Jacob saw
this picture. He said "OH...MY...GOSH! She is SO adorable!"


  1. Oh my word! I laughed the whole time while reading this!! Oh Jacob! Your kitty is so cute! Hannah wil die when she sees these pics! She has been dying to meet her!

  2. Haha! I thing that it's so cute that he's so taken by Bella. How precious!