Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ryan and Retha's Visit

Ryan and Retha Nesmith came to visit us in Minnesota this summer. We of course, tried to show them all the fun things to do on Minnesota and why the Twin Cities are so fabulous!
 Here we are at one of our all-time favorite restaurants called Blvd Kitchen and Bar.
The food is amazing. I especially love the crab cake BLT and shrimp and avocado salsa.
Ryan couldn't wait to show Jacob the shirt he found. He bought Jacob one as well.
It says," Hide Yo' Wife, Hide Yo Kids." You have to see the video to understand.
The link is below.

We also went to a Twins game and bought Ryan and Retha Twins shirts to make them feel right at home.
Target Field

We went to a mini-golf course in Chaska. It was unique because it combined a sculture garden with
mini-golfing. I had to take a picture of some of the amazing scultures I saw. This is a huge canoe/boat
turned up-side down. There weresmall circular windows filled with colored glass that made it really
 beautiful. To play this hole you have towalk through and under the boat.

For this hole, you hit your ball into the metal pipe which then rolls down into the water.
From there, it takes it sweet time as it floats through the entire maze to the finish line.

This hole was fun as you had to hit it through a hollowed out tree trunk.
Retha, Jacob, and Ryan

This hole was surrounded by lush green bushes and plants. It formed a beautiful shape around
with a heart in the center.

We also took Ryan and Retha to Brainerd for a two day trip. We stayed at Madden resort. It was so
much fun. We played croquet, shuffleboard, badmitten, and ping pong. We also went swimming and
paddle-boating, While the boys went golfing, Retha and I went to the spa for massages. We also
had our own campfire pit just outside our room. We roasted hotdogs and s'mores for dinner one night.

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