Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Thumb

My favorite bud planting my favorite bulbs! We tried to spruce up the curb appeal of our home by planting tulips and other plants in our flower beds this summer.
After planting our tender little garden we learned that we might receive frost one  night, so we decided to cover our plants to protect them. We didn't have a tarp on  hand so this was the best we could do. I think Jacob used nearly every possible  kitchen dish he could find, as evidenced by the use of my salad spinner, trifle dish,  juice pitcher, and cake cover.
The most memorable part of our garden this summerwas this thriving little plant. Jacob and I planted two cantaloupe seeds this year. Shortly after, we saw two green plants begin to grow. We questioned whether or not they were cantaloupe as they looked nothing like the pictures online, however, due to the fact  there are so many variations of plants and they just happened to grow where we had intended them, we convinced ourselves that they were, in-fact, cantaloupe. Unfortunately, one evening Jacob and I went out for an evening stroll. In an empty lot by our home, Jacob spotted a plant in a field and said "Hey,..that's our cantaloupe plant!" He took it into his work for further examination by his co-worker (who is a farmer) and to our dismay, we discovered it was none other but a
"stink weed." We were terribly disappointed and somewhat embarrassed!

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