Friday, May 20, 2011

Icon Theater

Our favorite movie theater in Minnesota is called the Icon Theater. We have taken several friends there and they have all fallen in love with it. The high-back, extra-wide cushioned seats and bacon popcorn are what keep us coming back for more. Plus, we sit in the VIP balcony area which only allows for people ages 21 and older. No more dealing with loud teenagers and their constant cell phone texting during movies.
We usually go to the theater with Rod and Carrie Muir.
They are so much fun to go on double dates with. And when
it comes to dinner,...they spare no expense. We once went
out to eat and Rod ended up ordering $36 worth of
king crab legs just for the appetizer!  
My absolute favorite of all types of popcorn! It sounds a little
odd at first...but it is out of this world! The popcorn is coated
 in clarified butter and then tossed with bacon seasoning, salt,
and delicious morsels of smokey thick-cut bacon. 
Dinner at Roja Mexican Restaurant

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