Saturday, March 5, 2011

Science Museum

We recently went to the St. Paul Science Museum with Kurtis, Jolene, and the kids. There was so much to learn about and see you could literally spend a few days there. One of my favorite things was the tornado machine that made a twister and used smoke to make it visible. You could put your hand through it, watch it dissipate, and see it reassemble back into its original form. I also loved the dinosaur bones. It was surreal to look at them and realize that dinosaurs did actually once inhabit the earth. I know we've all seen Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time, but actually seeing a Brontosaurus and Triceratops in person is so much more amazing! Here are a few pictures...
This Triceratops was gigantic. It's a little hard to tell from the picture because
 Jacob was standing more upfront. But trust me it was huge!

The same goes for the Brontosaurus. "Little Foot" didn't seem so little afterall. 

I was amazed at how long the Brontosaurus' tail was and how tiny and thin the vertebrae
were near the end of it.I imagine a trip to the chiropractor would be quite a challenge!

There were also many other amazing displays at the museum like the one shown
 here of some fossils.They look more like a work of art than science.

(Apologies for the horribly out-of-focus picture)
Inside the museum there was a little station
where kids could learn about DNA, bacteria, and other
microscopic things. Jolene helped the kids obtain
and analyze some samples and use the microscopes.
They looked like mini-scientists. It was adorable.

When we were getting ready to leave to go to dinner,
Kurtis asked Caleb if he was ready to go eat.
He replied, "No, I'm not ready to eat,....I'm ready to LEARN!"
We laughed and Caleb ran off to explore some more
things. Kurtis said that he couldn't really discourage that.

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