Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Change of Pace with Seis

Jacob and I recently babysat our neighbor's kids for a week....all SIX of them! Crazy, I know. By the end of the week, we were sleep-deprived and exhausted but proud that we had survived and somehow managed to keep the kids alive as well. While Jack, Spencer, Ethan, and Olivia were all at school during the day, I got to spend my time with the two youngest rugrats, Susie and Reed.

Oh how I loved little Susie's hair in the mornings.
Just wait,... it gets even better............
Some women rat their hair on purpose, but for Susie, it just comes naturally. I'm not sure how Tiffany combs through that bird's nest every morning.  

I often caught Susie playing with Reed and trying to make him laugh. It was so adorable! That's what she's doing in this video. Once, when I put him down for a nap, he starting crying. It wasn't too long before I caught Susie in his room, lying in his crib, making him giggle. She also always greeted him in the mornings by yelling "Hi Reedy!!!" Loved it.


  1. Well for a pair of rookies, you guys were awesome! (much better than I would have done!) The kids were all happy as well! I should have warned you better about the computer games and the baby monitor. I actually don't use the monitor anymore, but I'm a pretty light sleeper. Besides, I figure if they don't cry loud enough for me to hear, it's not too serious. :) Funny, I thought the same thing about the airplane spoon before I had kids too!

  2. This is actually Tiffany, I didn't realize Jack was signed in on my account!

  3. Fun! I love your list and Susie's hair.