Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Build Your Own Garden

This summer we built our very first garden. It was an 8x8 plot which was a good size for just the two of us. We grew squash, grape tomatoes, herbs, bell peppers, beans, peas, carrots, and lettuce. I had a hard time determining if the arugula was actual arugula or weeds. It looked like the picture on the seed packet but it also had spikes along the edges. I was too afraid to eat it. So....in short it wasn't ALL a success but it worked out pretty well. Next summer we want to try growing fruit!
Step 1. Build the raised garden

Step 2. Fill the garden with an enormous amount of bagged soil.
See that soil in the background?? Not nearly enough we soon found out.
Step 3. Enjoy the fruits (or in this case veggies) of your labors!

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